About Us

Welcome to We are a brand name of Pearl Acce. We also design and sell high quality pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl earrings and pearl jewelry sets. Our members are professionally trained pearl jewelers who can really stand behind the business.

Pearl Acce was officially established in 2003. Our store quickly transformed into one of the main suppliers of loose pearls to the biggest pearl jewelers in the nation.
Why buy from us?
Pearl Acce has been dealing with pearl jewelry business more than 17 years in this market. Our high quality South Sea, Tahitian, Akoya and Freshwater pearls are imported directly from the pearl farm. So we are able to cut the middle man to offer consumers the best deal pearls.
Pearl Acce also presents our customers to the beauty, quality and workmanship of fairly affordable price jewelry with no competition. Each elegant pearl jewelry piece is individually handmade by our jewelry manufacture which makes it look unique and stylish. You are probably unable to find somewhere else. Great idea, care, time and fine pearls are invested in all handmade pieces of pearl jewelry at Pearl Fans
The most important of our online store advantages are having competitve prices, unqiue jewelry designs, honesty, passion on pearl jewelry business and best service to our pearl jewelry loving customers. We are here to bring you experience the best pearl jewelry shopping ever!
Custom order is available on Pearl Fans. Just provide us with detail photos and we are able to customize pearl jewelry pieces for you.
Why trust us?
Pearl Acce only use Paypal as payment. Paypal is worldwide known as the fastest online payment method and it's fully protected for buyers. It's faster, better, secure ways to shop online. Customers are easier to get their money back if something unhappily happened.
What includes on your purchase?
Every purchase from Pearl Acce comes with Certified Jewelry Appraisal, order invoice, pearl jewelry care card and an elegant gift box designed to showcase your beautiful pearls and protect them when not being worn.


Team of Experts 
At Pearl Acce, every associate is a world-class pearl expert. Every team member is required to complete the Gemological Institute of America's pearl diploma program. Then we train our team in pearl grading, selection, matching, and drilling. 
Our Location:
Pearl Acce
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